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55w fast start hid ballast

55w fast start hid ballast

hid ballast Advantages goes here

1.Using impoted auto level MCU,high stability,less interference,strong anti-interference capability;
2.Smart Canbus IC chips & 100% DSP.
3.Absolute constant ballast efficacy design,effectively extending the life of the bulb and ballast systems;
4.Ballast circuit boards with high-quality potting AB,Shockproof, waterproof,anti-high pressure; 
5 Active false input polarity protection;
6. Open output protection self locked;
7. Short output protection self locked;
8. Input over voltage switches off with automatic restart;
9. Input under voltage shut down with automatic restart;
10. Fast restart cycles;
11. Smooth lamp current curve.
Only 0.1% defect rate.
Safe HID canbus system - Never burn A/udi Wipe Engines or computer PC system.